Thursday, July 16, 2009

the days are dwindling...

our time is expiring.
we have about soaked up all the sun we can hold.
one more day tomorrow...
we vow to spend it all on the beach.

mary e wants to buy the beach house and live here all the time.
and she wants everyone else to live here, too.

can you blame her?


bekster said...

Wow, M.E. looks a lot older (and beautiful, of course). I especially love the father-daughter shot.

Whitney said...

oh you lucky lucky ducky! I adore the beach (HOW DID I BORN IN SUCH A HORRIBLY LAND LOCKED STATE?!)

What are the beaches like in South Carolina? Is the water warm?

Love the pictures of you and the hubs!

Kelli said...

Those pictures are absolutely beautiful. Your family is gorgeous!! Makes me want to feel some sand between my toes!!