Monday, May 19, 2008

Peach Party...

I just finished reading James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl to my first graders, and today we *celebrated* by watching the movie as we enjoyed peach ice cream and gummy worms. Yes, I am "the best ever" according to my students.

Here are some insights made today by my students...

* In the book there are Cloud Men; in the movie there are Pirate Skeletons. That's because Tim Burton made the movie, and he must have had some leftover skeletons from "Nightmare Before Christmas".
* That's also why YOU think the movie is scary, Mrs. S- because Tim Burton makes scary movies.
* James' aunts are a lot meaner and uglier in person than in the book.
* James' burping up the magic green worm is kinda gross.
* Oh, man- when he burps it up, he turns into a real boy again...bummer. HEY, that's just like Pinnochio!
* That peach is HUGE! When do we get to see it roll on top of everyone?
* Mrs. S, they made the voices in the movie sound just like the way you read it!

So, if you are a little clueless, I suggest you read the book and the movie.

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Mary J said...

Noah and I just watched this movie and he loved it. He always ask at the gorcery store, "Mom can we get those peaches and sail the seas like pirates?"