Tuesday, May 31, 2011

morning run {getting moving in the a.m.}...

i'm not a morning person.  i usually run in the late afternoon or early evening, right after school.  it seems like my body responds better when it's been allowed to wake up.  funny how that works.

for the past two days, however, i have run in the morning, around 7:30.  i actually have found that after a brisk minute of walking, i'm able to start shuffling my feet and the run feels good!  the morning air has been easier on my lungs and my legs have gotten into that runner's groove that i hear about but never seem to experience.

i'm finding too that early morning gives me time to worship as i run and then study in the quiet of my house with my java before the mad rush hits {ie, three children and a dog}.

thursday i may try the bridge in the a.m....

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