Friday, December 31, 2010

happy memories {goodbye 2010}....

1.  snow in january, enough to play in...and then snow again in december!
2.  my boys turn 16 and 13....weren't they just 6 and 3???
3.  i go to nyc with two besties and my 16 yo son to be a hair model at ouidad for the weekend and see mary poppins on broadway...awesome-ness!  {i wanna move to nyc}
4.  palmetto bible camp in june...
5.  we cruise in july to the bahamas for the third time, taking our three children with us {i wanna move to a tropical island, preferably tahiti}
6.  the hubs and i celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in august...{time flies}
7.  i read francis chan's crazy love for the third time and we teach it at church and His people start movin' {and our hearts are forever changed}
8.  new school, teaching fours...
9.  my keurig! {be thankful even for little blessings}
10.  i turned 40 this year and was treated like a princess...{i love my friends and family}

God is good, and through all these things i see His face and His blessings...what will we do for Him and His kingdom in 2011?

{i can't wait!!!}

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The Mustard Seed Guy said...

Thanks for the comment as well. I lived in Columbia for almost 2 years. I went to Columbia International University for a year and then got married and realized that the cost of two tuition's was a little expensive for us. BenLippen was of course right down the street from CIU. One of my Professors kids went to that school and had graduated. She brought a bunch of his old T-shirts to the University and that was one of the ones I picked out. 53 was my football # in High School. CIU, I guess that was like 8 years ago I think. I am originally from Tulsa, Ok. After those 2 years we ended up moving back to Tulsa.
As far as the Cow....That can be a trade down the line...We trade for anything that is bigger or better than what we currently have. It is all explained on the site. We will travel anywhere to make it a fun journey. Thanks for checking out Trade Me Out of Debt!