Sunday, May 9, 2010

just love green...

ok, becky is going to say, "I TOLD YOU SO!"

i saw this bag at target. and i loved it. and i left it.
then i went back today and i got it.

becky says i do this all the time with shoes...and she's right. but when i wait to make a purchase, i find that i really love the item and i really use the item. that's my defense. (smile.)

and better yet...this beauty is going to NYC with me next weekend!!!

more to come...

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Born Blonde said...

I love green too (and especially lime green).

And, by the way, I think that's smart financial sense. When I can't necessarily justify purchasing something that's what I do too. If I'm still wanting it after a couple days, I know it wasn't just an impulse buy. We tell the kids the same thing. Wait and if you still want it in a day or two, I'll take you back to get it.