Wednesday, April 14, 2010

it's all happiness...

happy list for today...

1. new red shoes
2. biscuits for dinner
3. organizing
4. a closet all to myself
5. knowing i am loved
6. hot showers
7. children's books
8. blue sky spring days
9. family and friends
10. 27 days of school until summer

what makes you happy today?

are you still here? please leave me a post to let me know if you still come around. i'm sorry i'm so absent. thanks for still dropping by!


Kelli said...

I am still here and check often. Love your happy list!! What makes me happy...all the laundry put away, clean kitchen, friends who love you in spite of your flaws and the anticipation of vacation!! Can't believe this school year is almost over!! Did you know Mickey Bell? He passed away about a month ago. He served as youth minister at Central a long time ago. (That's about all I know of him, but apparently he was well known in the church and also very well loved)

Anonymous said...

Still here!!

Kim said...

I'm still here!:)

The Carters said...

Still here too!! I'm happy when the kitchen is clean, I've exercised for the day, and a plate full of homemade brownies!

Kath said...

Sipping coffee while watching the Today show. If I'm curled up on my couch at that time of the morning, it must be my day off! Scrumptious!

Looking forward to seeing you at PBC in June.

Courtney said...

My happy list ...simple living, quiet moments, wonderful friends, peace in awareness of our blessings

It IS all happiness :)