Saturday, June 27, 2009

summer YUM...

Hawaiian chicken...

Ice cream sandwich dessert...

Don't you just LOVE LOVE LOVE summer food???

Leave me a comment and I'll leave YOU the recipes!
Would love to know who it YOU?

Recipes...thanks for your comments!

Hawaiian Chicken- so easy!
marinate chicken breasts in teriyaki, grill and top with pineapple and swiss cheese!

Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert- we LOOOVE this one!
large tub cool whip, box of ice cream sandwiches (neopolatin ones are best!), small jar hot fudge, small jar caramel (optional), 2-3 heath bars (crushed)
* 13x9 glass dish, spread 1/2 cool whip
* layer ice cream sandwiches, cut to fit
* spread rest of cool whip on top
* slightly heat hot fudge so you can pour and spread over top- add 1/2 jar of caramel and swirl together for extra yum effect!
* sprinkle crushed heath bars
* chill for several hours
* prepare to fall in LOOOVE!


Kelli said...

I would love these recipes. Looks delicious. Thank you for sharing.

Born Blonde said...

Hawaiian chicken looks really good but I'm guessing that's pineapple under there and just typing that word made my nose scrunch up. Is it strong or does it just keep it moist? Cause it looks really good otherwise.

Mary J said...

Ok. Not the thing to look at when you have missed lunch for an eye appt!! Please dish...,..(pun intended!)

Greg said...

Those both look delicious. I would love the recipes, too. And my family can't get enough of pineapple, so I'm sure we'll like the Hawaiian chicken.
On a side note, I think that looking at your completed Project 365 is going to make people hungry:).

happyathome said...

Recipes!! Recipes!! Recipes!! Please!