Saturday, May 2, 2009

we got locked out...(more on that)...

Saturday was almost perfect...we slept late, I made chocolate chip waffles for breakfast, we went to the beach for the first time in 2009...

...can you feel the excitement???
Then we got locked out- of our house.
I left my key for my dad so that he could check our A/C unit while we were gone. He thought it was my extra key.
It was my ONLY key.
I got the news while sitting on the beach midafternoon...with the view I had, who could be mad??
The kids actually were thrilled- adventure, here we come! Since coach sal was at the state track meet in Columbia until evening, we had nowhere to go and NO CLOTHES.
Walmart for clothes...$70.
Lunch at Chickfila...$25.
Changing clothes in the back of the van and hanging out at Granny and Opa's for five hours...PRICELESS.
(I told my dad the next time he wanted us to come over and visit, to just call. It was cheaper.)
Oh...and the day wasn't perfect because coach sal wasn't with us at the beach. Bummer.
BUT...if he had been, we'd have missed out on the FUN!
Guess there's a reason for everything.


Judi said...

Oh how fun! Great shots at the beach!!!

Whitney said...

what a hard life you lead. . .

hee hee hee

lucky duck - a day at the beach!!!! (even if you had to spend $$ and were locked out of the house, it sounds delightful to me!)