Thursday, November 6, 2008

happy birthday to me...

Tomorrow is my birthday, and no, I'm not 40. Yet.

But tomorrow will also be the birth of a special little girl named Rebecca. Rebecca needs your thoughts and prayers tomorrow for a safe delivery and a healthy start to life. Her parents have been told there will be complications, but the doctors are indecisive as to what they will be.

As I celebrate my birth tomorrow with a scrapbooking retreat weekend, I will celebrate Rebecca's birth with prayers and petitions. And thanksgiving, for God is faithful!

Please join me.


Whitney said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope that everything goes well with Rebecca, that is always a scary thing. Enjoy your scrapbooking retreat too! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!

Whitney said...

And I checked out Choach Sal's blog. He sounds like a very smart man and a great teacher! And

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ann! I love you!