Monday, July 16, 2007

When in Rome... all the pizza and pasta you want. It's wonderful, fresh, and real. sure to walk about ten miles a day. This obviously is because of the first statement I made.

...use a moped or a Smart car, or you won't be able to park. Or just walk instead. sure to "buffalo" yourself on the metro or bus (our code word for secure yourself and your surroundings). Or just walk instead.

...use some basic Italian words, like ciao and si and buon giorno and grazie and scusi and quante costa. It's polite and impressive.

...drink wine if you can. It's WAY cheaper than soda. Don't ask for tap water. They only serve bottled. Did I say that already?

...wear good shoes. Nice shoes. They take shoes very seriously. for shoes.

...expect to wait awhile at restaurants. Service is very slow. Italians take their time. And no tips are neccessary, they actually get paid. lots of tomatoes. They are sooooo bueno! a gelato every day. Maybe twice. Especially if you're walking. Try as many flavors as possible. Pineapple, melon, peach...I miss it already.

...don't use large Euros, ie anything over 10. They don't like making change.

...visit a coffee bar and I guarantee that you will leave Rome loving coffee. Order a cafe macchiato (expresso w/ milk), latte macchiato (milk w/ expresso) or a caffe latte (half and half). A great morning, afternoon, or evening pick-me-up, especially when jet lag hits.

...cross the street like you mean it. prepared to experience claustrophobia. There are people EVERYwhere.

...don't let the beauty of all that you see overtake your senses and make you forget where you are. Don't take it for granted. Look around you. Daily.

Do as the Romans do.


bekster said...

...create paintings and sculptures of naked people?

Lori Fitzgerald said...

Don't forget shop for Prada and Gucci purses ... even if you can't buy them!

Angie said...

Does that apply to Rome, Georgia as well? I might actually get to GO there someday:)