Saturday, May 26, 2007

All news to me!

I was browsing blogs and came across a little game that someone started on their blog and seems to be spreading around- it seemed pretty funny, so I gave it a try. Here's what you do- google your first name with the word "needs" behind it, all in quotes. Up pops a list of things *you* "need"! (Remember to watch out for the not-so-nice websites- be careful and don't *click* on any, just read what pops up.)

Never knew that...

1. Ann needs a spanking. (This WAS in reference to a CHILD, thank you!)

2. Ann needs to pray for Rhonda and her baby. (Yikes! I don't think I even know anyone named Rhonda???...)

3. Ann needs to get some Revlon's Cherries in the Snow, the ho's lipstick of choice. (WELL...once again, no comment.)

4. Ann needs help. (...sigh...)

5. Ann needs something shoulder-length with layers. Her long locks add years to her face and it's clear she doesn't know how to maximize it stylistically. ... (I thought everybody LIKED my hair long???...)

6. Ann needs a key.

7. Ann needs a new tricycle.

8. Ann needs instruction in a reading program.

9. Ann needs to talk to Kim regarding summer and winter forecasts. (Who ARE all these people???)

10. Ann needs to be taken with a gigantic grain of salt. (I think THAT says it all! LOL!)

11. Ann needs to find her inner-child.

12. Ann needs to call her accountant because someone's been skimming her checks. (I KNEW I wasn't making enough money!)

13. Ann needs to come to the deep south. (HeeeLLLOOOO! I'm already here!)

14. Ann needs to “practice what she preaches”. (This is not looking so good...)

15. Ann needs to stop talking so much. (Ok already!)

16. Ann needs a device to help with communication. (I can't help but see some sort of weird connection with 15 and 16...)

17. Ann needs a home that she can call her own.

18. Ann needs her own laptop computer. (YES!!! I'll show this one to Larry.)

19. Ann needs to decide what is right for her and when it is right.

20. Ann needs an alibi to justify her absence over weekends. (I'M HERE!!! How many more times do I have to tell you???)

Try it and let me know when you post to your blog...I hope your needs are *prettier* than mine...

OH- and yes, I cried yesterday. When my first little fellow wrapped his arms around me and said "Bye, Ms. Ann", I lost it.


Cryssy said...

I'd be worried if you didn't cry!

bekster said...

Oh, my! Hmmm, I may have to try this if I am brave enough. Oh, and your hair DOES look better long.

Anonymous said...

I think you wear the short & the long very gracefully! They're just different statements;)

Cryssy said...

Sorry Ann, I tried it and didn't get anything. Well, I got ONE. "Cryssy needs to drop both her classes."

The Jacksons said...

ok this game is too funny.