Friday, March 16, 2007

POTD **03.16.07**

These were actually taken last night in Ruby Tuesday's- yes, I had my camera, and YES, I pulled it out. Larry and David thought I was crazy- hence, no photos of them. But the evening light in the window across from us was I had to try. I was discreet. SMILES. I did have to color adjust these, on my computer screen they were very cool and I needed to up the saturation. I hope they aren't too yellow, but I think they look better.


Angie said...

These look great, you crazy camera lady;) I would never have thought to bring my camera into a restaurant, and if I had, I'm pretty sure my kids would not have been nearly as cooperative as yours. The colors look great, nice adjustments.

colormepink said...

Well, I carry my camera with me everywhere now! It just stays in my purse! LOL! Last night, though, I had to charge my battery for today, and I was at a store with Mary E, who was trying on hats in the mirror- and I was SICK! They would have been SOOOO cute!!!